About the plants

The Nursery

The plants we sell are grown and cared for at RIVERDENE NURSERY which is located at East Gresford in the Hunter Valley. 

This family operated Nursery was established in 1956 by Virginia and Noel Jupp and they have over 60 years of experience in growing and propagating plants, supplying to retailers, corporations, Government departments, local councils and even directly to the public.  With numerous awards and recognitions for their contributions to the industry, including an OAM awarded to Mr Jupp, the nursery delivers quality plants for all customers.


Extended range of varieties

The stock you find on our website is simply reserved online exclusive stock, but it is in no way the limit of what we can provide for you.  If you require numbers larger than what we have listed OR are looking for plants we don't have listed, check our full stock list by clicking the button below.  Send us an email or complete the form on our 'Contact us' page, and we will get back to you soon.   


Native tubestock

Our native plants are sold in a tube stock size of 5cm x 5cm x15cm.  This size allows them to planted into new environments with the best chance of survival.  To plant them, simply remove them from their pots keeping the soil around the roots intact, and plant it in the ground or a larger pot.  The potting mix used contains many nutrients and fertilisers that will allow the roots to establish in their new enviroment.  Watering is recommended immediately after planting.


Targeted varieties

The varieties grown are specifically targeted for the needs of consumers with practicality in mind.  Whatever your needs are, the nursery can ensure the best quality plants are provided with varieties to suit your purposes.